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The Big Send “Get out the Vote”

September 26 @ 10:00 am

The Big Send "Get Out the Vote" letter writing party

2020 will be a profoundly important election – not only for the Presidency – but also for state legislatures. Remember: The states draw the maps for Congressional Districts (and gerrymander or not) The states determine the process for voting (which can encourage or suppress voter participation.) President Obama, in a recent speech, pointed out that 19,000 municipalities need policing reforms, and elected officials – mayors, county executives, district attorneys – make the decisions in those communities. There is no way to overstate the importance of this election. There is no way to overstate the importance of getting out the vote for this election. State legislature seats are often won with a margin of only 200 or 300 votes. Every vote matters! Mayor and City Council seats are often won with even smaller margins. Every Vote matters! With that in mind, we are inviting you to participate in The Big Send, a project of the non-partisan organization Vote Forward. Their goal is to send 10,000,000 letters to communities all over the country that tend to have low voter turn-out and are therefore under-represented at all levels of government. These letters do not ask the recipients to vote for a specific candidate or party. They simply encourage them to make their voices heard through voting. Research has shown that this is the most effective way to raise the voter turn-out. These letters are being prepared, addressed, and stamped now. They will be placed in the mail on October 27 – one week before the election. Our hope is that the Northern California Nevada Conference can contribute at least 2000 letters at our party – all written in the comfort of your homes or churches while sheltering in place.


September 26
10:00 am